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FIRST 100 ##'d and SIGNED by TF x CG - SLIDING SCALE 75$ - 125$

Second Printing hand-screened and signed by artist 50$ - 75$

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Artist Statement:

Two punk teenagers, four walls and a door.  

That's all it took for The Ford Plant to be born.

Countless hours of work, blood, plumbing disasters, lost keys, sweat, smashed windows, rodeo beers, thousands of KFC cups, hundreds of bands, hundreds of shows, friends, Ricky, beef, secret meetings in the basement, frisbee, wall ball, a river, a smashed toilet and tears is all it takes to make those four walls legendary.

The Ford Plant started as a simple concept.  Book the best emerging bands in Ontario and present the shows to everyone - all ages - to inspire Brantford's youth.

As The Ford Plant continued throughout the years it became a hub of innovation, creativity and an essential part to many in our community and beyond while being one of the most important incubators of originality in Canada.

Many of the artists, musicians, contributors and attendees of The Ford Plant would eventually move on to larger communities.  These individuals would, in numerous circumstances become pillars, leaders and incredibly active while anchoring The FP ethos into new locations.

The amount of people who were influenced or impacted by The Ford Plant is simply immeasurable.  We as a creative community should feel so proud of that fact - it's actually really incredible to think.  

Now, in the true spirit of the legendary Ford Plant, this historic document has been created.  A simple list printed in black and white of bands we hosted.  Maybe it's not perfect.  Is it possible we missed a few things? Yep.  The truth is this list was edited by three sets of eyes all with a slightly hazy recollection.  We also referred to two existing documents of published past shows.  So go easy on us.

Thank you to everyone who has ever played or attended The Ford Plant, we hoped you enjoyed your time.

The Ford Plant existed.  It did things it wasn't born to do and everyone who experienced it is better for it.

looking forward to the future!  


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